Abram Stedfast Association

Abram Stedfast Association was formed in 1999 with some past members and officers of the 15th Wigan Boys Brigade the aim of the association is to help, support and promote the 15th Wigan BB & GA company.


The Association boasts membership from all over the country and membership continues to grow.


You do not have to be an ex member of the BB to be an Abram Stedfast association member.


The photograph below is the original members and officers who formed the Stedfast Association.

L-R, Gordon Sharratt, Dennis Houghton, Enid Wilkie, Audrey Porter, Richard Black, Steven Mather, Colin Harker, Arthur Greenwood, Charles Etches, Nora Harker, Syd Atherton & Steven Hyde

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15th Wigan Boys Brigade and Girls Association

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Subs are only £1 per week and you only pay the weeks your son / daughter attends

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