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The 15th Wigan Boys’ Brigade was formed in the October of 1944. How was it formed? On a social evening at the old Abram School a few young men and boys asked the Reverend R.H Dowthwaite for a uniformed organisation. It was mentioned the Boy Scouts but the Vicar (who had come from St Georges Wigan that had a Boys’ Brigade) said that at that time, a hat in the scouts was 12/6 and a full uniform in the Boys’ Brigade was 7/6.

The trouble then was who would be Captain? John Redford said he would be Captain when he came out of the Army. In the meantime Mr John Sharratt said he would take on the role of Captain. Sadly John didn’t come back and died serving his country.

The 15th Wigan was formed with 70 boys. The first camp the following year was held in Towyn with 30 boys and 4 Officers attending. At that time they were sleeping in wooden huts and pillowcases filled with straw. Also that year there were only 2 caravans between Towyn and Rhyl in Wales.

After a few years the Life Boys were formed (now named the Junior Section) with Lt Harold Meadows as the leader. Mr John William Sharratt carried on as Captain until February 1954 when he sadly passed away.

Mr Arthur Greenwood took over as Captain in 1954 and held the roll for 14 years when he retired Mr Leslie Halliday took over as the company Captain. Mr Halliday had been in the Company from when it was formed as a young lad through to be captain of the company.

Mr Malcolm Brindle took over as Captain when Mr Halliday retired in 1994 after many years of loyal dedication and service. Mr Brindle was Captain until 1998 when he sadly passed away.

I took over as Captain of this Company in 1998.  In September 2007 the company was proud to introduce girls into the company by introducing the 15th Wigan Girls Association. I feel it a great honour and privilege to lead this Company and follow such great Captains and also to follow the tradition before me of this company which is supporting the youth and community of Abram.

Yours Faithfully


Steven Hyde

This is the only photograph known of John Redford who sadly died before he could become Captain

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