Wednesday Members 

1- Alison Wolsey    

21-Jean Appleton

41-Sarah Curry

2-Number Available

22-Audrey Porter

42-Martyn Leech

3- Tony Bailey        

23-S  Bowker & N Bennett

43-Keith Spencer

4- Number Available

24-Ken Houghton

44-Mr Curry

5-Ryan Mckenzie

25-Keith Seddon

45-Philip Dickinson

6-Mick Broad

26-Mr & Mrs Dean

46-Norman Meadows

7-Stuart Broad

27-Millie Dickinson

47-John Whittle

8-Paul Wilde

28-Paul Hudson

48-Jennifer Seddon

9-Dianne Jackson

29-Syd Atherton

49-Angela Cunningham

10-Ria Molyneux

30-Dawn Holding

50- Number Available 15th Oct

11-Adam Whittle

31-Gemma Bailey

51- Number Available 15th Oct

12-Dianne Jackson

32-Jean Dean

52- Number Available 15th Oct

13-Mick Broad

33-Daniel Hyde

53- Number Available 15th Oct

14-Michelle Hudson

34-Audrey Houghton

54- Number Available 15th Oct

15-Stuart Jackson

35-Beryl & Jean

55- Lewis Andrews

16-Neil McKenzie

36-Pat Hibbert

56- Number Available 15th Oct

17-Karl Seddon

37-Craig Seddon

57- Number Available 15th Oct

18-Paula Bailey

38-Jon Appleton

58- Number Available 15th Oct

19-Anita Hore

39-Irene Cox

59- Number Available 15th Oct

20-Lesley Mckenzie

40- Number Available


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